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An integrated approach

This is a much broader agenda than nutrition, advocating not only the rejection of destructive habits and behaviour, but our awakening to our true purpose and nature, our rightful place in this world, and the support we can offer each other to uphold an honoured space between us - awakening the heart in the business world.

Such an integrated approach continues to underpin all of our work and from 2015 we have had new strength to develop the Seagreens International Partnership.

We continue to develop links between marketplace concerns over human health such as autism, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, toxicity, obesity and other metabolic disorders; the food industry which can do much to improve the quality and balance of the food we eat; and the scientific community, which can help identify the benefits which SeagreensĀ® evidently provide as therapeutic and dietary ingredients.

Working with the Seaweed Health Foundation, the Biodynamic Association and other like-minded organisations, we have been able to develop our research agenda and provide useful new information to our stakeholders and the public.

We are developing alliances with other organisations, groups and individuals whose agendas align with our own. Some are listed on our Links page.

Many of our customers and Network Partners like Charlotte Palmer, Candice van Eeden and Thorkil Johansson are using Seagreens in their own work and businesses on a daily basis.

Through these wonderful relationships and our joint initiatives, we can make an increasing contribution to integration, simplicity and goodness wherever we are at the moment.

Great achievements can come from the concerted action of many individuals. As soneone once said, there is no need to hurry when you are going in the right direction.