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A model of sustainable harvesting


Seagreens® Ascophyllum grows wild among the remote islands where we harvest in relatively shallow water down to about 5 meters.



Seagreens® Pelvetia grows on the inter-tidal rocks. It is called Channel wrack because it holds the water in tiny tubes during the ebb tide.



Seagreens® Fucus grows in shallow water along the surface, its length containing numerous ‘bubbles’ which keep it afloat.

We have developed many new methods and procedures to produce our unique seaweeds for human consumption.

To maintain consistency we cut specific lengths of seaweed from monitored growth which has been cut at the right age and time.

We use special equipment to protect it from any possible contamination or down-grading during harvesting, transport and processing.

Each of Seagreens® seaweed species is traditionally cut by hand. For the Ascophyllum we use especially made cutting vessels which allow us to see and cut the seaweed under the water at considerable distances from the shore.

Our drying and processing facilities are close to the harvesting areas which spread over many square miles.

These areas are rotated over the years to allow the seaweed to regenerate and improve - between 3 and 5 years from the previous harvest.

Seagreens®are dried within 12 hours of harvest as a raw food at temperatures below 45ºC, after which they are produced in the various forms required for our products.

Manufacturing facilities are certified for food hygiene and quality assurance.

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