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Where to Buy

Seagreens® products for consumers and practitioners can be found in natural food and health stores in most parts of the UK and Ireland and in some other countries, and on the Internet. If you are a practitioner you can set up an account with Natural Dispensary on 01453 757792.

If you are a manufacturer of food or nutrition products, and would like to sample or purchase Seagreens® ingredients, please click here. The ingredients we use in our products for consumers and practitioners are available from 1kg to 1000kg.

Mail order companies which deliver our consumer products worldwide are identified by this symbol (click logo to view):

Seagreens® Retail Partners, who sell or can obtain our full range of consumer products are identified by our 'seaweed person' trade mark (click logo to view):

Many healthcare practitioners and clinics also stock Seagreens® products and you will find these listed together with high street retailers. In the UK your local health food store can obtain our products from their usual wholesalers.

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If you have any difficulty locating a stockist or wish us to find one for you, please contact Seagreens® Information Service on 01444 400403 (from outside UK +44-1444-400403), or email us at

Selection of Seagreens® Retailers
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