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Why Seagreens®?

Seagreens® for human consumption is the product of proprietary methods and technologies (Patents Pending) which ensure a consistently superior nutritional and physical quality, with international regulatory compliance through the selection, harvesting, handling, drying, processing and packaging of particular seaweed species whose quality and provenance is certified.

Seagreens' extensive accreditation is your assurance of its special qualities.

Through its pioneering activities in Scotland and Norway, Seagreens has become Europe's leading organic wild seawed food brand, with its focus on the nutritional value and applications of the seaweed.

Since the mid-2000s Seagreens has been actively involved in original research with a number of different British and foreign universities.

Seagreens® seaweed species are carefully selected and produced together with licensed Production Partners in the British Isles and elsewhere in the Nordic region.

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Seagreens® products are easy to use in the daily diet whether for culinary flavour, preventive health, nutritional therapy, bodycare or your animals.

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